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What is IR35?

IR35 legislation was designed to assess whether a contractor is a genuine contractor rather than a ‘disguised’ employee, for the purposes of paying tax. It comes into effect on the 6th April 2020. 

Avoid the financial impact from non-compliance, such as unexpected tax bills, higher payroll costs and significant pay demands from existing workers to compensate for the new changes. To understand what the market is doing to prepare for IR35, contact one of our IR35 specialists to help make sure your business is compliant. 

The risk of being non-compliant in April 2020:

  • Reputational and brand damage

  • Financial impacts from non-compliance - a potentially higher wage bill

  • Operational impacts from non compliance - the need to ensure continuity of resource to deliver

  • Staff satisfaction - need to remove uncertainty and concern for your Limited Contractor population

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