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Charlotte Rowlands Resource Solutions

Charlotte Rowlands grew up in a small village in North Wales and earned her degree in Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies.

Charlotte was accepted into the Resource Solutions Graduate Programme in October 2017 and is now working on-site with a global banking client in London. Charlotte tells us how she quickly found her feet in the financial district and is becoming a trusted member of the team.

What made you choose Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) after your university studies?

Recruitment is one of those professions you don't learn about in university. It’s a shame because it’s such a rewarding profession that is very hands-on and client-facing. Recruitment has a lot of movement, and it’s an exciting industry to be in.

Being exposed to global businesses and having the ability to take candidates to meetings in the heart of the financial district is exhilarating!

When I was doing my research I learnt about their client roster of well-established brands – big names you’d want on your CV. Resource Solutions also has a global footprint and they encourage high performers to move internationally within the business. 

I was trying to wrap my head around how an RPO functions differently to an agency, and I’m glad to have gained an understanding of the two. I like how an RPO is more on-site and relies on relationships and consistency for success, whereas an agency model is more transactional.

How has your career progressed since you entered the programme?

Everything’s been moving so quickly! After four months as a coordinator you’re traditionally moved onto an associate role, but I’ve been working as a hybrid of the two roles straight away.

My colleague who recently moved to a senior role in London allowed me to take over some of her portfolio and was crucial in training me. The pace has been challenging, but it’s a great opportunity that I feel I’ve been taking it in my stride.

What professional achievements are you most proud of?

I had arranged a number of international interviews that went off without a hitch – we’re dealing with very busy people – so it’s lovely when a senior stakeholder or colleague in the organisation can recognise your work.

What’s it like working in London?

Growing up in a small community in Wales, my knowledge of the financial hub came from popular culture. Being in the middle of Canary Wharf – where all the action happens – is eye-opening. Being exposed to global businesses and having the ability to take candidates to meetings in the heart of the financial district is exhilarating!

It’s a work hard, play hard culture. Resource Solutions hosts many socials and wrap-up parties too, and they’re very handy in getting to know other teams within the business. 

The opportunities at Resource Solutions are endless. We have so many clients, locations and a plethora of roles that have their own dedicated processes and routes to progress: Direct, Vendors, Associates, Coordinators, Managers, etc. I want to further my current relationship with our clients and candidates and discover different parts of the business.

Why would you recommend the Graduate Programme at Resource Solutions?

The Graduate Programme at Resource Solutions is an excellent launch pad for those looking to start their professional career. It’s a great opportunity for university grads who aren’t too sure of what they want to do yet. It’s a demanding environment that pushes you to develop a broad skillset you can take to any professional role.

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