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We are proud to say that many of our longest standing partnerships are with Financial Services clients, a relationship spanning beyond a decade for some. It’s a space we’ve been operating in for over 20 years – across 31 countries, and with this tenure comes a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the talent landscape, derived from downturns, and times of exponential growth on a global scale. We’ve supported our clients throughout these changing times by providing agile, innovative, and informed talent solutions, specifically to support individual business strategy requirements.

How we add value

Our current portfolio of Financial Services clients ranges from global brands to boutique enterprises across Commercial banking, Investment banking, Insurance, Asset management, Wealth management and Fintech. 

We specialise in bespoke recruitment solutions and offer tailored end-to-end RPO, project RPO, Contingent Talent and Consultancy to fuel and drive organisations forward. We can help you:  

  • Source and secure volume hires, niche, and specialist financial and technical professionals  
  • Move business functions to emerging or low-cost locations  
  • Meet rapid business expansion and growth targets by delivering a scalable talent solution 
  • Pipeline talent for future, large scale projects
  • Reduce recruitment costs and time-to-hire metrics  
  • Build a compelling employer brand and improve candidate experience  
  • Stay ahead of the competition with talent market intelligence provided by  RSIntelligence

Feedback from our Financial Services clients


Financial Services client nearly doubles candidate sourcing profiles with Al recruitment technology

The challenge

Our longstanding client, a multinational investment bank, was having issues sourcing talent in a timely and efficient manner. An internal audit revealed that their recruiters were spending upwards of 50% of their day sourcing talent manually rather than focusing on high-touch and high-value activities like connecting and interacting with talent.

Our solution

We identified candidate sourcing and duplication of effort as the client’s biggest pain points, and a real opportunity for automation. We approached our client with the opportunity of Arya, the most advanced AI-sourcing product at the time. It allowed simultaneous sourcing across three channel types with an interface that claimed to learn user behaviours to improve sourcing over time. The AI-integration would reduce duplication and free up time for recruiters to focus more on value-add functions, like giving candidates a more personalised experience and connecting with hiring managers to better understand their needs. 


Arya users found three times as many qualified candidates vs. their counterparts sourcing manually. Arya was able to identify more meaningful connections (e.g., job titles, skills, and experience) than it could at the beginning –  proving Arya’s AI-capabilities of ‘learning on-the-go’ and suggesting it can improve further and allow for genuine productivity gains.

Our controlled study proved that implementing the right AI technology can effectively analyse job descriptions, understand what a ‘good’ candidate looks like and recommend suitable matches as a result.


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