Forthcoming events

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Leading The Lions Dinner Edinburgh

As part of our sponsorship of the British & Irish Lions we are delighted to be heading to the ‘Leading the Lions’ dinner in Edinburgh.

#InnovateWithRS London

This event will focus on balancing this important, hi-tech focus with the personal touch that only comes from human interaction.

Innovation in Recruitment 2017

Join us for an interactive session where you can experience cool, new technologies that have a real and practical use in the attraction of talent.

Previous events

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Enabling Effective Internal Mobility

We are hosting a roundtable lunch with speaker Paul Awcock from Lloyds who will encourage thoughtful conversation around internal mobility.
In house Recruitment Expo

In-House Recruitment Expo

Mindful of the lightening pace of change in the consumer trend landscape, Faye Walshe, Director of Innovation at Resource Solutions will take you on a journey of the latest trends driving recruitment today with her presentation looking at the Top 5 recruitment trends for 2017.
Insights Report

Recruitment Outsourcing Insights Launch

Join us as we launch our fifth Recruitment Outsourcing Insights report. We’re pleased to be sharing our latest findings with you.