Transforming DE&I from good intentions to good practice on-demand

Webinar On-demand  •  15 June 2022

Every stage of the recruiting process has the potential to introduce bias into your hiring practices. So how can organisations find and fix these hidden biases? 

Tom Lakin, Director of Innovation at Resource Solutions, has some answers.

“There’s been a proper seismic shift in overall attitude,” Lakin said, prompting companies and individuals alike to question their commitment to DE&I. “Are we doing enough? The answer was no.” 

Tom joined Talent Experience Live to explore how to take inclusion efforts from lip service to action through data-driven goals and initiatives.

Watch this session to understand:

  • The common multi-stage interview process puts female candidates, who typically have less free time, at a disadvantage compared to males
  • Asking for current salary (which is not legal in many states but is standard practice globally) feeds the gender pay gap, especially among Black female candidates

Employment information on platforms that aren’t Android-compatible can introduce bias against Black candidates, who are statistically more likely to use Android devices. 

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