Inclusivity auditing your recruitment: How to remove 'innocent ignorance' webinar on-demand

Webinar On-demand  •  15 June 2022

Every single candidate touch point in a hiring process can introduce bias yet most organisations follow a broadly similar hiring process and structure, often added to and amended over time but largely remain unquestioned.  Yet it is these often-used approaches, content and processes that perpetuate workplace under-representation and inequality.

Many typical recruitment processes disadvantage people (often women and under-represented ethnicity talent), examples of ‘Innocent Ignorance’ include:

  • Companies often ask a candidate their current salary.  This has a disproportionately negative impact on women, and black women in particular.
  • Many recruitment processes are designed for iPhone’s, but black candidates are more likely to own Android devices
  • The typical job advertisement in London and Dublin uses more complex language than a legal document
  • During the pandemic hiring processes began to involve more and more interview stages and this has a disproportionate impact on women (who typically have 5 hours less free time than men every week)

Watch this session to learn:

  • Practical tips to minimise bias in your hiring journey
  • How auditing your recruitment process can enable meritocratic hiring
  • How to create your diversity data dashboard
  • Inspiring case studies to inspire and learn from

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