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An ever-evolving sector

Some organisations are reconsidering their offering, re-evaluating their value chains and pivoting to optimise performance, create new capabilities and strengthen their technology infrastructure. Others are leaping ahead, increasing investment in digital transformation, and tackling future-focused problems around population growth and urbanisation, climate change, renewables and decarbonisation.  

Agility is key and requires a workforce keen to challenge the norm and be part of something bigger. With the war for talent only escalating, now is the time to secure a pipeline of talent to drive your strategic projects forward. 

Source qualified and experienced talent to support critical infrastructure and power projects.

Resource Solutions work with some of the largest, and well-known engineering and energy companies globally.

We specialise in bespoke recruitment solutions and offer tailored end-to-end RPO, project RPO and contingent talent to fuel and drive organisations forward. We can help you:  

  • Uncover, source, and attract specialist engineering and energy professionals  
  • Pipeline talent for large scale project  
  • Secure volume hires, niche, and specialists professionals
  • Scale into new and emerging markets
  • Reduce recruitment costs and time-to-hire metrics  
  • Build a compelling employer brand and improve candidate experience  
  • Talent Market Intelligence provided by  RSIntelligence  


Accelerating niche technical talent hiring for global engineering firm

The challenge

Our client, a global leader in engineering and building maintenance, requested a bespoke Project RPO solution to help them meet their immediate need for 50 technical professionals. The organisation’s internal recruitment teams were overwhelmed with the volume of applications, which heavily impacted their ability to schedule interviews and secure talent. This widening gap in their recruitment process led to a decline in productivity at both of their service centres, which was impacting their service delivery times for their clients.

Our solution

We delivered a virtual four-month project to source 50 technical professionals. Within 15 days, we deployed a team of two recruitment specialists and a coordination expert to undertake sourcing, screening, scheduling, document collation and qualification tasks. We worked alongside the client’s internal team to ensure there would be no duplication of effort and a streamlined process.


  • Over 90% of the project was completed within timeframes during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Our team has an 80% success rate for CV submission-to-shortlist.
  • Our client partnership contract with the engineering and building maintenance firm has been extended to build further pipelines for other regional locations.


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