Vimala Renigunta: a journey of lifelong learning, and finding a forever place to shine

Written by Sandeep Aavuti  •  Employee Stories  •  19 January 2023

Vimala cheerily greets us from across the virtual call, fresh from a morning team meeting. She’s an established Team Lead, working with one of our Financial Services clients in India, and a familiar face around the offices – having completed five years with Resource Solutions, she’s grown alongside our business in India, taken her fair share of bumps, and empowered many along the way. Jump into her career story with us, as she shares about how a surprising career choice of old led her into a path of driving excellence, and how her role models have redefined her boundaries here in Resource Solutions.

What is your role in Resource Solutions, and what does a normal day look like?   

I’m a Team Lead, currently in charge of a 11-member strong team which operates as part of a wider Financial Services RPO service. Our team is focused on sourcing, recruitment coordination, and quality assurance (BA) for our client’s business across the UK, US, and APAC.

With so many areas to cover, my day-to-day is mostly spent on managing the team – delegation of work that flows in for our Sourcing, Coordination & BA teams, dealing with any process or operational issues that pop up, and being the chief middleman, collaborating with various internal/external stakeholders both onsite and offsite. This also includes having my eye on the client’s specific requirements, and ensuring my team is upskilled accordingly with help from Resource Solutions’ L&D team.

Tell us more about your career journey before Resource Solutions.

I first started my career as a Financial Analyst with a UK banking firm. Identifying as an introvert, procuring and taking on this job was a steep learning journey, but I got the chance to develop key communication skills along with international exposure. After that came my first foray into HR, joining a US-based firm as a Consultant Coordinator. There, I continued to improve on human touchpoints, staying in contact with firm employees and resolving their concerns. I then decided to move into Recruitment with a two-year stint at business software application company. There, I got plenty of exposure working on delivery projects for global clients in digital consulting and professional services space.

After this, I moved to Resource Solutions. I’ll be honest – I never thought I’d stick with any company for more than two years, as various circumstances always got me looking around. However, I’ve been happily proven wrong, and I’ve been here for more than five years now!

Was there a key defining moment in Resource Solutions when you realised you wanted to stay for long?

My motivations to stay on are due to a collective of reasons, but overall, Resource Solutions feels like the perfect place to nourish and grow, while scaling up to various opportunities. I’ve been fortunate to meet great managers and mentors in my account, which is accentuated by open-door policies set up for us to reach out and discuss anything.

Also, there’s a great leave policy and medical benefits in place – with fundamentals in place, one can really focus on improvement.

Who were your biggest inspirations throughout your career?

Within Resource Solutions, I look up to Abbie Jackson, Fiona Cheong, and Sarah Keady. They have an admirable brand of empathetic, meticulous leadership, while still making sure things get done! Their working style is an inspiration that I seek to follow as I develop my own form.

I am very thankful to all the managers that I have previously worked with for all the impact they have had on my growth.

Over the years, have you encountered any barriers to your success, and how did you overcome them?

Certain challenges are to be expected - hiccups are always going to be present as we grow. One unique problem present in this region is the lack of female leadership, which consequently restricts prospects for women looking to lead, along with limited examples to emulate. At Resource Solutions, I’m inspired by all the wonderful women sitting at leadership positions, not just within central management, but also within our account teams. I look forward to seeing Resource Solutions continue to make great strides towards expanding regional leadership here.

How far do you think the workforce has come in empowering women to grow within an organisation?

Comparing what I see here, versus where I’ve been, there has been a tremendous change. In our GSC, I see a lot of women having the chance to leverage their potential and growing, compared to where I’ve been previously. Resource Solutions provides opportunities to all, irrespective of age, background, or stage of life – they’ve no qualms taking anyone in, as long as they’re qualified for a role.

What’s your biggest secret to career longevity?

Being self-aware is one key secret of mine. Being constantly aware of your end goal, and not losing sight of it while times get hard, keeps your frame of mind on the figurative path to success. With that, being able to stay positive comes in handy as well – focus on the positives while learning from the negatives, which are going to linger no matter where you’re working.

Throughout my career, my focus has always been where I am, and where I want to be. Resource Solutions has brightened this mindscape somewhat, giving me plenty of positives to focus on!

What advice would you have for a woman looking to kickstart and find their calling in Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions will be a great opportunity for anyone who’s focused and seeking growth in the Recruitment industry. It’s an excellent learning platform, both in the form of great L&D and supportive leadership. I’d also emphasise the prevalence of women in our organisation – from our CEO to the associate levels of our organisation, you see plenty of females growing and inspiring those around them.

Good work culture and stability within the company will be guaranteed – from there, you’re free to choose your trajectory for growth, and become the best you can be!

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