Teresa Winny: flourishing as a learner, mother, and Recruitment Partner

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  21 February 2023

Meeting new client stakeholders, aligning their hiring needs to changing objectives, all while managing a new team, is by itself a tall order. The ask only gets harder when even the company itself is new, but that’s what Teresa, or Winny as affectionately addressed by her teammates, balances with poise as a Recruitment Partner.

We sit down with her just before lunch and learn more about her eclectic management routine with one of Resource Solution’s new pharmaceutical client partners, how her experience in several spectrums of recruitment have shaped her leadership style, and her journey juggling two equally dynamic roles – being both a Business Partner and a mother.

What is your role, and what does a typical day look like at Resource Solutions?

I am currently a Recruitment Partner based in Jakarta, Indonesia, working remotely in an onsite role for one of Resource Solutions’ new pharmaceutical client partners. Our primary focus is talent acquisition within the Indonesia and Philippines markets, but we have team members everywhere, from Malaysia to Taiwan.

The role is a pretty dynamic one, and I balance each day between client meetings, where we have conversations about organisational needs, and catch-ups with my team about career opportunities and how we can best match great people to them. There’s plenty of interaction with people involved, each with their agendas to fulfil – I like to see each interaction as a project, as I serve as the scales between each stakeholder’s priorities to best attain the client’s overarching objectives – business stabilisation and the right recruitment to support it.

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions?

I’ve worked in recruitment since the start of my career, learning the ropes as an inhouse recruiter. Then came a stint at a recruitment agency, before returning to Resource Solutions back in 2019. These experiences may seem similar but being exposed to various organisational structures taught me a lot about their approaches and perspectives to recruitment.

At Resource Solutions, a pursuit for service excellence meant that objectives are curated and followed to a far more granular level, compared to previous experiences – factors like time-to-fill and talent source metrics providing targeted, quantifiable goals. I personally found that helped with advancing my career growth from a strategic and technical perspective, as there was now a real need to plan and execute under well-defined guidelines to successfully make things happen.

What are the main challenges in your role?

I am with a relatively new pharmaceutical client account. There are new business units and objectives, which call for new roles in areas like data science. Whether we’re sourcing from the right talent pools, and if our candidates have the appropriate experience – these are all questions we ask ourselves on the daily but hold far more importance to client success. The stakes are high, but it keeps us on our toes!

The clients new market positioning also renders it more susceptible to market trends. Staying afloat with a new range of insights has been another challenge, which I’ve tackled by doing more interacting – this time with specialists in the market, discussing industries in real-time and consequently learning and building engagement with experts.

How do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions fosters a healthy working environment that caters to everyone, regardless of the working arrangement. I’m currently based in Jakarta and geographically stranded, but it’s never felt this way despite having team members scattered across the region – my managers are consistent and go above and beyond in caring for our wellbeing. I’m empowered with the right tools to emulate the same for my team, forming connections beyond our working relationships.

What is the culture like at Resource Solutions, and how has it empowered you from both a career and personal perspective?

What first comes to mind is how flexible Resource Solutions has allowed me to be with my working arrangement. As a working mum, I basically wear two hats on a daily basis, and therefore have to prioritise certain family commitments during the day. With the freedom to conduct work on my time, I’ve been able to get to client-facing duties in the morning, tend to my children in the afternoon, and finish up my remaining tasks at work after when required.

The culture at Resource Solutions is similarly free and open – we’ve built an environment where everyone is listened to and supported, which empowers us to raise any concerns regarding any aspect of the organisation. Being able to have open conversation with anyone here has been an enjoyable experience!

What change do you feel is most pertinent to fostering inclusive workplaces for women?

I can summarise this in three quick points - providing equal opportunity, embracing differences, and erasing bias. I’ve seen many examples of this being applied here in Resource Solutions - when I first joined, I noticed many women holding leadership positions, something that has only improved within the organisation after my years here. Seeing such support for women to grow their careers continues to give me plenty of hope for my progression.

Add that to the culture of open conversation, and visibility and equity of opportunities across the board, and you have an incredible environment for women to grow and prosper.

What is one thing you’d like to say to a fellow female employee looking to join Resource Solutions?

I’ll keep this short and sweet – Resource Solutions is a great place for us to work, and a place where you’ll be accorded equitable opportunities to grow alongside the company. If you do see something for you here, I wholly recommend giving it a shot. If it’s anything like my experience so far, you can rest assured that it will be an incredible one!

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