Swetha Kadakanchi: Building an amazing career journey at Resource Solutions

Written by Sandeep Aavuti  •  Employee Stories  •  07 November 2022

Swetha is a Senior Direct Recruiter with plenty of experience from working with several global clients during her time working in Resource Solutions’ Hyderabad Centre of Excellence (CoE) and Global Services Centre (GSC). Her dedication and passion have earned her several accolades throughout her six years at Resource Solutions, and we spoke to Swetha about her time here so far and what her future entails.

What is your current role & what is a typical day like?

In the last five years I have had the opportunity to source and secure highly qualified talent for our extensive range of financial service clients. I mainly focus on sourcing IT profiles for our client’s teams in Europe today, having focused on client talent requirements in APAC previously. I take the time to understand the requirements for each requisition and use a range of sourcing techniques to expertly shortlist the right candidates for our client. We have a great source-to-offer ratio. I connect weekly with the on-site team in the UK to update them on closure progress and to take on new requisitions as they arise.

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions? 

My love for recruitment started a long way back. I was first employed with a small recruitment consultancy, then moved to a bigger role at an IT company, where I honed my IT-specific hiring skill set and the experience of being an in-house recruiter. The knowledge I gained from this initial IT hiring experience eventually grew into one of my key proficiencies today. 

What are the main challenges in your role?

As a Senior Direct Recruiter, I handle more senior roles and additional duties relating to sourcing through to candidate offer management. Given the many tasks to handle, there is no shortage of day-to-day challenges that come with high-volume recruitment, but I have a great supportive team and we all work together to achieve our goals.

How do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions? 
Resource Solutions ranks highly when it comes to benefits, recognition programs and working conditions for employees. I am particularly happy with the women friendly policies, along with health insurance, Provident Fund contributions, and the quarterly bonus structure. A positive work environment, flexibility to work remotely and a great management team help us to be proactive in recruitment delivery.

How do you find the culture?

I love my job at Resource Solutions, and a lot of it is due to the work environment. The culture is open and inclusive. We experience good work-life balance, and you get numerous opportunities to grow and advance your career. Cross-account training and stretch assignments are offered as part of your personal and career development plans if you want them.

What career journey do you see yourself taking at Resource Solutions?

So far, it’s been a fun-filled learning experience, thanks to the India Leadership team, and the mentors and team members, who have trusted and supported my work at Resource Solutions. I’ve been allowed to build this amazing career that has not only helped me grow professionally, but also evolved my personal existence and life philosophy!

Following this vein of opportunity, I’d like to proceed into a management role eventually, and I’m confident that Resource Solutions will continue to empower my desire to take the next step up.

If an ex-colleague was thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

I highly recommend Resource Solutions to employees looking for an enriching, long-term career in Recruitment. Excellent managers and a supportive work environment allow employees to take ownership of their work and make good progress in their careers.

I’ve spent six years here, and I think it’s telling when I say I’d like to stay for more!

What advice would you have for a woman looking to kickstart and find their calling in the workforce?

Wherever you might be in your career journey, it never hurts to upskill. Look for opportunities to broaden both your business and technical knowledge, and do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help whenever you feel stuck.

Don’t forget to believe in your ability to succeed even as you learn more about things you don’t know!

Finally, don’t be afraid to make your presence known, whether it's through workshops, networking at conferences, or finding entry-level work in unrelated fields.

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