Shawn Davis: Delivering client and candidate satisfaction


Soon after joining Resource Solutions in 2021, Shawn Davis left his mark. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Shawn brought his years of experience to deliver premium recruitment solutions to clients, as well as help establish and shape the first incarnation of the Sourcing Hub in the United States.   

We spoke to Shawn about his journey from Direct Recruiter to Talent Acquisition Partner, his career highlights, plus the most important advice he would offer fledgling recruiters who are just starting out.   

Tell us about your current role.   

When I joined Resource Solutions in 2021, I did so as one of the original members of the Sourcing Hub team. It’s where I started and I’m still a part of it now. The only major difference is that I manage my own on-site team for one of our media company clients.  

Typically, when a Resource Solutions client implements an RPO solution, they’re assisted by an on-site team that will oversee every stage of their talent acquisition lifecycle. However, during high-volume hiring periods – such as an influx of open job requisitions or resignations – the client may require additional support. That’s where the Sourcing Hub comes in. It’s an additional resource designed to help clients keep up with extraordinary hiring demand.  

Whereas Sourcing Hub teams typically support a variety of clients and on-site teams, I’m working exclusively with this client. As a Talent Acquisition Partner, I have full access to their company database and my own department within the business that I meet with every week to discuss their recruitment needs. My objective is to help the company build and grow through its many acquisitions. My current role is a very immersive one, and at times it can feel like I work internally for the client, rather than Resource Solutions. 

Can you describe your career journey prior to joining Resource Solutions? 

My background is in agency staffing, so the RPO realm was very new to me. My previous employer was a franchise of a company that had over 800 franchises and we were restricted geographically. Resource Solutions doesn’t have those restrictions and that’s what attracted me to the role initially. The company was based in the UK and expanding in North America, which I found very exciting. 

Otherwise, recruitment is pretty much the same no matter where you go, with a few differences here and there. It’s about getting to know the client and understanding what they’re looking for so you can deliver to the best of your ability.  

How have you progressed since joining Resource Solutions? 

As I said, I was part of the very first Sourcing Hub team. It’s an idea that started in the UK and became a success, so they wanted to implement it here in the US. 

I started working with a multinational investment bank and financial services company on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) side, which is about managing day-to-day business activities. About three or four months later, the bank found their financial crimes division in the Jacksonville area was growing steadily. They decided to focus more on hiring initiatives for that one department, which they brought me in to manage. They must have seen something in me, which was very encouraging.  

I brought many new hires into the financial crimes division to get the department up and running. Soon after, I was moved to my current client. I believe that is the first client that we’re managing solely through the Sourcing Hub. Our entire team is still part of the Hub while also managing everything on-site with this client.  

What have been the highlights of your time at Resource Solutions? 

I appreciate that recognition is an intrinsic part of the company’s culture. It’s always great to hear positive feedback from a client or that you've exceeded a certain number of offers. 

Perhaps my greatest highlight, whether at Resource Solutions or my previous employers, is knowing that the clients and candidates I work with are satisfied. I take pride in being part of a candidate’s career journey.  

I'm still in communication with a number of them as they've progressed and they occasionally ask for my advice. Even to this day, when I don't work with those companies anymore! I don't think that you could ask for a better network of clients and candidates. 

What advice would you give someone at the start of their recruitment career? 

Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll have weeks where you're getting offers and everything is just sunshine and rainbows. But you'll also have weeks where targets aren’t hit so easily, and it’s often due to reasons beyond our control.  

At times like these, we can be our own worst enemy, but you can't let the ups and downs of recruitment get to you. It just makes you a stronger person. I often remind people that they're not alone. This happens to me and I've been in recruitment for years! Don't give up – you'll get through it. 

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