Ruby Seera: Rejoining with renewed purpose

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  06 December 2022

Ruby is barely a month into her role as Resourcing Partner, onsite at one of Resource Solutions’ Financial Services clients. However, she already refers to the organisation affectionately, and there’s a reason why – some time ago, Ruby started her career in recruitment with Resource Solutions, spending a fruitful four years with her teams of old, before returning to explore pastures new.

After a storied career, taking on unique recruitment challenges in various industries and environments, Ruby has returned as a Rejoiner – but why back where it all started? We delve into her story and uncover how her experience in work and life have intertwined and shaped her style of work, priorities, and thoughts about what makes Resource Solutions the ideal company to work for.

What is your current role and what is a typical day like?

I’m currently a Resourcing Partner, on my first month onsite with Resource Solution’s client partner, with a focus on front office recruitment – basically any role up to Vice-President! A typical day starts with checking my calendar for intake calls before structuring my day into a to-do list. Combined with onboarding matters like training and getting up to speed with systems, it’s usually lunchtime before I know it!

Onboarding has been good so far – I’ve heard horror stories about having to sit around waiting for systems access for weeks, but everything’s been smooth and efficient here! I’m glad that the process is being done in person, which allows me to meet the team and my managers face-to-face.

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions? 

My first recruitment role was actually with Resource Solutions! I really enjoyed my time here with my previous account, and learned plenty of skills which helped my ascent from a Recruitment Coordinator to an Associate Recruiter, and eventually a fully-fledged Recruiter. After four years, I was looking to try something new, and joined up with a US-based Managed Services Provider (MSP) as a Field Services Consultant. There, I got to work with several accounts in 6-month stints before the pandemic hit.

After taking some time off, my next destination was a health and social care company, where I was recruiting care workers and behavioural specialists during a time where there was a big shortage. It was an eye-opening experience and a drastic change of pace, where I got to work on Marketing and brand promotion functions as well. Next came another well-known RPO at the end of 2021, where I got the opportunity to recruit for the financial crime sector – while that was a novel experience, the full work-from-home arrangement was a challenge, along with the high-volume demand.

I therefore took some time off to enjoy the summer with my children.  Just as my kids were starting school, Resource Solutions approached me. Despite not actively looking for a position, I just knew when the call came that I was ready to return to Resource Solutions.

We’re glad we left a good impression! What were the main reasons behind your decision to return to Resource Solutions?

I think a key factor revolves around our strong female leadership. I followed Norma Gillespie, our CEO, on LinkedIn throughout my career, who is a mother to twins like myself and has done amazing things and pushed through some great ED&I initiatives here. She’s not the minority, either – our senior management features many incredible women like Kristen Buckheit and Coral Bamgboye who I’ve worked with and seen grow alongside the organisation. It’s so nice to see that women have paved the way here, and it makes me feel that at Resource Solutions, you can have family but attain career progress at the same time.

It goes to show how much they’ve invested in colleagues while moving forward. Only at Resource Solutions have I seen such investment in career progression for all.

What do you feel has changed since your first time here?

With the pandemic, the hybrid arrangement in place here has been excellent. I’ve experienced some places where companies either have extreme or murky office arrangements, with minimal engagement from management to make it workable. In Resource Solutions, however, there are clear guidelines here that still allow for flexibility. Arrangements like these are really useful for myself and allow me to easily engage with my team without having to forego my family priorities.

What do you enjoy about working on-site?

Definitely the in-person team time! I’ve learned that I pick things up much faster when I can sit in on meetings or walk up to teammates to ask questions instead of worrying about bothering them in a work-from-home setup. The location’s great as well – it’s near where I first worked during my first stint here!

After working other MSPs and RPOs, it’s become apparent that Resource Solutions is so different despite being in the same industry. Here, there’s a unique style of onboarding team members, and genuine investment in my training and wellbeing. My managers take the time to sit down with me, ask about how I learn best, and really support my process of picking up the role.

What are the main challenges in your role with Resource Solutions?

Nothing much really – our client’s recently converting all staff from terminals to laptops which did threaten to cause disruptions initially, but Resource Solutions was quite to provide personal laptops from their end to minimise the impact. Things can and will go wrong all the time, but I’m glad that steps were taken quickly to ensure I’d get up to speed as planned.

Who do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions?

The pay packages are highly competitive, but the X-factor for me has always been the company’s ability to evaluate and reinvent itself. Things like maternity cover and work-life balance have changed, showing that the organisation is really looking at what their employees want and making changes. I’ve really enjoyed being able to have real conversations regarding my kids with my managers and colleagues, and being able to flexibly do pickups or run family errands with support from everyone in the team.

This also ties in somewhat to the larger Resource Solutions culture. Here at Resource Solutions, then and now, you feel like you’re part of something bigger. No account is a silo – we’re always connected on Workplace, getting regular updates from company emails, and getting useful insights from senior management. Being able to connect and truly belong to a company that’s growing and doing amazing things – I’m immensely proud.

What career path do you see yourself taking at Resource Solutions?

Right now, I’m just looking to be the best recruiter I can be! I’ve had the opportunity to jump from client to client previously, but right now I’m focused on a long-term relationship with our client partner – learning about their needs, building their trust, and ultimately finding the candidates they need so they don’t have to worry!

If someone was thinking about joining or returning to Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

When entering the role, one main concern as a mother was about whether I’d be able to balance my family and my work. Funnily enough, Resource Solutions is a big family of its own – one that’s helped me keep that balance! Here, your colleagues and managers are there for you regardless of how tough the going gets. The effort put into connecting everyone through regular catch-ups and larger-scale events like Quarterly Business Reviews and Christmas parties, or within teams through training and day-to-day camaraderie, all make me feel supported and valued. 

During the pandemic, people have realised that a passion for job can run concurrently with raising a family. At Resource Solutions, I’ve found the perfect environment for both.

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