Panwarat Mookachonpan: rediscovering recruitment, rewriting career rules

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  1 March 2023

Circling back to a previous career path years after you've left can be a daunting experience, especially when you have new commitments in tow. Panwarat Mookachonpan, or Patt to her colleagues, a Direct Recruiter with one of our pharmaceutical client partners, bravely decided to re-take this plunge last year. This theme gilds her career journey to this day.

We sit down and discuss her life and times in the industry, how she's sought to empower people even in vocations outside of recruitment and explore her thoughts on pursuing a new career challenge with Resource Solutions.

What is your current role & what is a typical day like?

I'm currently part of our regional onsite team for our pharmaceutical partners, based in Thailand as an Internal Recruiter. It's a remote arrangement I can perform from my Udon Thani residence, an hour-long flight northeast of Bangkok, where our client is based. In this role, I'm responsible for all permanent hires we make in Thailand, including industry-specific technical and support roles.

A typical day usually involves a balancing act between candidates and the client's needs – sourcing the right talents for our open positions, catching our hiring managers up on various hiring statuses, and functioning as the main point of contact between a candidate and in-country HR heads. I am there to answer any questions or facilitate information and documentation transfers required during their candidacy and the onboarding process.

What did you do before working at Resource Solutions? 

I started working in recruitment, actually! I'd had some stints in a recruitment agency before going in-house with another firm conducting other HR-related functions. Next up was something quite different but memorable – a Cluster Recruiter, then a City Manager at a food delivery company. I led a team of 20 sales and operations staff there in two cities, growing our service areas beyond Udon Thani to the nearby Nong Khai. It was the height of the pandemic then, so we partnered with governmental organisations to support the city's rural communities, allowing them to continue selling agricultural products to customers even when markets were closed.

Being a single parent to a young boy, the extended hours demanded were unrealistic, so I took a break after two years to focus on him. I stumbled upon this role right when I was thinking about re-joining the workforce, and here I am today!

What do you enjoy about working onsite in your existing RPO setup?

My favourite part is getting to work with talented people from both Resource Solutions and our clients! They've been so friendly since I joined, and their experience has given me much to learn from. Being quite far off from the office, I'm also really grateful that I've been allowed to operate primarily from home, only having to head into the office a couple of times a month for regular catchups. Having the ability to juggle work and life on my terms is a balance I really appreciate.

After some time with the Resource Solutions RPO team, has your experience changed from what you initially envisioned?

Before joining Resource Solutions, I had no idea what an RPO was or what the experience would be like. Having been here since joining in August 2022, it's been a surprise, with plenty of exciting projects to work with! Given that an RPO model supports our clients beyond just filling roles, our combined expertise often comes into play as we strategise hiring objectives together.

What are the main challenges in your role with Resource Solutions?

The first two months here definitely come to mind! Joining a fully-fledged RPO setup that supports a client's daily hiring needs was an uphill task. There was a desire to be ready to help the team as quickly as I could, and for that to happen, I had to fast-track systems learning and the client's internal processes right off the bat. There were definitely mistakes made, but I was allowed to learn from them at my pace, along with plenty of support from my managers and team leads.

With clear support and empathy from those around me, I can confidently embrace and overcome any challenges that come my way, and that's been a key determinant of where I am today.

How do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions has been incredibly supportive of how I've wanted to work. Part-time roles are not commonplace in Thailand, but the team created such a role to fit my existing commitments best, allowing me to transition into the eventual full-time position at a more manageable pace.

I also receive full benefits despite owning a unique work arrangement, a testament to the equity Resource Solutions applies to all employees.

How do you find the culture of Resource Solutions? 

Since my first day working here, I've felt that Resource Solutions takes good care of their employees and that my managers, supervisors, and co-workers in the team reflect culture. People have been welcoming and supportive throughout, proactively checking in to see if I'm doing well, something that's hard to maintain when everyone's technically isolated in their home offices.

Another thing that is outstanding here is the degree of transparency. People are empowered to be fair and clear with each other, and that's developed a working environment where everyone treats each other with respect, without vested interests or hidden agendas. It's a great atmosphere that enables everyone to be their best.

What career path do you see yourself taking at Resource Solutions?

I had only just started last year, and really enjoy what I'm doing, so I've no plans just yet! In the future, if there are opportunities within this account that could pose new challenges, I would definitely be open to exploring them. I'm also confident that I'll be supported to pursue this the same way I've been supported here so far.

Being in the workforce for a relatively long time, Resource Solutions is the first organisation where I've seen employees being recognised for their good work in so many ways – like getting the chance to share my experiences here, for example! I'm really happy to be here and can't wait to see how the journey goes.

If someone was thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

If you're looking for an exciting scope of work with an opportunity to learn and grow at your own pace, look no further. Resource Solutions has plenty of exciting clients with unique problems, an excellent culture to build solutions with, and plenty of transparency to let said solutions flow. It's been a dream so far and could be your next dream job too.

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