Life as a Commercial Analyst intern at Resource Solutions

Written by Cristina Concengco •  Employee Stories  •  20 January 2022

Sammy Sudjono currently sits in Indonesia as a reliable Commercial Analyst Intern, but he also holds the unique title of Resource Solutions’ first Singapore-based intern. Fresh into his newly converted full-time role, we join him as he reflects on the highlights of his six-month internship. Keep reading for his insights on how he was trusted to handle a full-time employee's tasks, the challenges of the Commercial function, and what he loves about the RS culture.

What’s the highlight of your internship with us?

"My time with Resource Solutions started with an internship in the Commercial Analyst function. Despite being an intern, my job scope was comparable to that of a full-time employee, which positively impacted me and fully prepared me for any future career pursuits to come.

During my Resource Solutions internship, Some major tasks were allocated to me, like laying out commercials and costs for new businesses, as well as its projected revenue and getting approvals from the relevant stakeholders. I also reviewed commercials for ongoing projects, identifying data conflicts and providing the team with suggestions. Venturing into projects for the APAC region, I focused on analyzing the costs needed for their projects by making recommendations that would improve the current allocation.”

What do you like about your internship experience?

"I like how I was offered the same training and mentoring as a new joiner. I benefitted from the one-to-one sessions and introductions to different stakeholders - this made communication easier within a shorter period. My mentor, Issac, did an amazing job in directing my way around Resource Solutions. During my internship stint with Resource Solutions, it felt great to have built such a strong bond with the employees. This is thanks to the great Resource Solutions culture, where I was treated equally like everyone else and discrimination was never an issue.

I also like how Resource Solutions is tech-ready for the hybrid work set-up - it makes high-quality work possible. Resource Solutions provided me with a complete set of devices to work effectively from home, just like the rest of the full-time employees. It made me feel like one of them despite my internship standing.

Despite my team’s high expectations, there was always adequate time balance and support at Resource Solutions. My managers knew and respected my study schedule as an intern. I was therefore able to juggle my internship and studies, even during my exam periods. "

What challenges did you encounter during your internship?

"During my internship, the few challenges I faced were collecting information and stakeholder management. Since information builds the base of Commercial Analysis, ensuring the credibility of information obtained is essential. Managing stakeholders was challenging because you have to wait for their responses and approval, while balancing your timelines - patience is crucial."

What did you learn from your internship?

"My internship was definitely enriching - I gained skills critical for a Commercial Analyst and was able to improve existing skillsets, which ultimately prepared me for my full-time position here.

My two key takeaways are to be detail-oriented and be self-driven. A keen eye for detail is a critical attribute that any data-facing role demands., while being proactive will get you information ahead of time, allowing you more time for credibility checks and seeking approval from stakeholders."

What advice can you give to other interns?

To make the most of your internship, you should be open to learning new things - go beyond your job scope and venture further into your industry. It's okay to ask a lot of questions, instead of spending unnecessary time dwelling on things you don't understand.

Finally, make friends at work. Getting to know different people allows you to learn more about their tasks, perspectives in life, culture, and their roles.

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