Joseph Ella: streamlining processes, mentoring peers

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  13 June 2022

Joseph is a Business Assurance Consultant in Resource Solutions’ Operational Excellence function. An internal move has seen him take up new opportunities, including mentoring new joiners. Newfound juniors in a new and growing team – Joseph’s seen it all, and he takes some time off his regime of data validations and dashboards to share his range of experiences at Resource Solutions.

Could you tell us more about your journey in Resource Solutions?

I first joined Resource Solutions in August 2019 as a Recruitment Coordinator, under a Financial Services account, before transitioning into the Operational Excellence Business Assurance function. It’s a new team, the first of its kind in APAC, with a primary focus on ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the reports and data we supply to our clients. My role has expanded to manage multiple client accounts now. The data I work with daily focuses on two main components – the service level performance of clients supported based on predetermined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and the volume of placements for said accounts. We’re doing an additional quality screen of data generated by our Management Reporting and Operations teams and escalating issues to the respective teams to provide quality tracking and actionable insights.

What did you do before working at Resource Solutions?

I worked at Teleperformance, an MNC based in France that managed 20 sites in the Philippines. There, I built my experience in data compliance and volume recruitment analytics, skills that I’ve developed further with the account exposure in my current role. 

The experience I’ve gained, both in and out of Resource Solutions, has been highly beneficial in adding value to my new role. I’ve been able to co-create various tools to enhance the client experience. These include a weekly internal governance dashboard optimised for greater fit-for-purpose for client insights and cleaning up various trackers that our internal teams fill for more reliable, accurate validations.

What are the main challenges in your role with Resource Solutions?

With the business expanding, we have a new suite of clients, each with specific reporting needs and processes. Managing multiple stakeholder reporting requirements has been challenging; however, it’s been made much smoother by having many touchpoints between our account managers, with communication channels always open to clarify required adjustments.

I’ve learned the true essence of an RPO – each account has unique stakeholders, there is no one-size-fits-all, and should facilitate each unique need. It makes for dynamic but very satisfying work that never gets old.

How do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions?

It’s very good. What stands out is Resource Solutions’ desire to improve and support its employees in the Global Service Centres. In Manila, leadership support from all sides is apparent, and there’s absolute confidence in where the company is heading – I’m excited to see what the future holds here!

Now that Manila is entering a new normal and everyone is returning to the office, what’s the one thing you look forward to the most there?

The pandemic is playing out differently worldwide, and I’m glad that Manila is enjoying a lull in cases so far. I’m excited to return to the office to meet new and old faces. It’s going to be a new dynamic working together in person – I’ve missed it!

I’m also curious to see how Resource Solutions continue to creatively express their appreciation for us now that we’re all back in the office. I was awarded the Regional High-Achiever award in mid-2021, which would have meant a chance to meet the leadership in Singapore in pre-pandemic times. With travel impossible, the APAC and Manila management teams managed to express their gratitude in other alternative ways.

How do you find the culture of Resource Solutions?

Freedom to express our thoughts first comes to mind! My managers are actively receptive to suggestions on improving processes while giving us plenty of room to adjust our job scopes. Working with the team has been positive as well – I am more senior compared to the other Business Assurance Consultants in terms of tenure, so I am the one mentoring them on how to do the work, manage stakeholders, and so on.

The other departments are a joy to work with, and our friendships will continue to grow now that office arrangements are back!

What career path do you see yourself taking here?

My short-term goal is establishing a standard process within the Business Assurance function for efficient stakeholder support. It is a new team, and we have done well putting the pieces together; now, the time has come to consolidate what we can to provide an even better journey. From a longer-term perspective, a move into leadership would be on the cards – let’s see how it goes!

If someone were thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience?

Resource Solutions is a great place to grow and contribute if you are up to the challenge. Your ideas are heard and co-developed. Wherever you are based, Resource Solutions will recognise your hard work regardless of where your managers or teammates are located. There is a genuine desire to empower people here.

I’ve experienced plenty of growth and a wealth of opportunities, all while getting to work with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, which opened my eyes and expanded my worldview. Work at Resource Solutions - I’d encourage it!

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