Jessica Elsaputra: Sales Intern, Class of 2022

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  13 February 2023

In the summer of 2022, fresh off the back of an immensely successful internship campaign, our Singapore headquarters expanded our programme, in search of up-and-coming talent to share in our APAC growth journey. Three chosen ones answered the call – six months later, they’ve left an indelible impact on our Sales and Commercial business partner functions, shared their perspectives on several other aspects of the business, and even got to try out recruitment!

In the final instalment of our three-part feature where we’d featured Arianna and Jack, we caught up with Jessica Elsaputra, our Sales Intern! When she’s not cooking up a storm or discovering new eats around Singapore’s eclectic streets, discover her experiences at Resource Solutions and how she's drawn parallels alongside her MBA pursuits.

Thank you for sharing this internship journey with us! To start, please tell us about your role and some key projects you were involved in during your time here.

I was fortunate to be involved in multiple key projects, within and beyond my realm, as a Sales Intern. Some notable highlights include the Manila Virtual Recruitment Drive, an initiative the APAC Sales and Talent Acquisition teams spearheaded to fill key talent gaps for upcoming projects. I supported the team’s efforts through project management support, proactively following up with all stakeholders to ensure due timeliness and alignment.

Another standout was an Account Capacity Review, an ongoing project with the Implementations and Operations team which involved reviewing existing contracts and process maps, before validating them through interviews with onsite teams. Being directly involved as a Project Team member, I was able to experience the other side of the business firsthand, learning about how our paper discussions and ideas translate to tangible deliverables for our clients.

What did you like about your internship with us?

The team was completely ready to welcome us onboard and really went above and beyond in providing their support and guidance. I found it especially rewarding that we were provided the opportunity to contribute our ideas and skills, as if we were fully-fledged members of the team.

At this point, I’d like to extend a big shoutout to the Sales, Marketing, Bids and Commercials team! All of you truly made us feel right at home and were the best cheerleaders we could ever ask for.

Were there any new challenges you encountered here, and how did you manage to overcome them?

My previous career experiences were miles away from the recruitment world, which meant that learning the intricacies of the RPO industry was rather gruelling. Getting up to speed called for a lot of reading, reaching out to people, and getting involved in meetings. There’s definitely a steep learning curve, but the key nuggets of information are there for the taking - being proactive in building relationships sped up the process, and just getting out there was key.

How is the culture here at Resource Solutions?

In three words: collaborative, celebratory, and driven! Everyone is focused on a shared goal and works together to achieve it. Successes are also celebrated openly in a truly genuine manner.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue an internship at Resource Solutions?

Come ready to learn and be flexible. The variety of projects we were tasked with will call for critical lenses and versatile mindsets – you’ll be stretched, but in the best way possible. Also, the people here are really your best resources, pun not intended, for all the information and support you need. If you set out to build genuine connections here, you will go far!

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