From recruitment agency to RPO

Written by Cristina Concengco  •  Employee Stories  •  10 March 2022

Hazel Thanh worked at a recruitment agency before joining Resource Solutions. Now a Hybrid Recruiter, Hazel shares her career journey and why her outlook on a career in RPO has been changed.

What is your current role?

I am a Hybrid recruiter on-site with Nomura in Singapore. In this role, I am responsible for managing the end to end recruitment process, where we not only work with the candidates, hiring managers and internal stakeholders but also get to set the strategic direction, mapping talents, and add value to the recruitment and HR process for our client.

How did you come to work at Resource Solutions?

In my agency role previously, I had many clients within the Corporate & Investment banking space and dealt with Resource Solutions as the RPO provider within a few of these clients. I always felt Resource Solutions had good relationships with agency recruiters, treating them professionally, and respectfully and my interactions were always positive.

I already knew about Robert Walters as I interned here when I was in University, and I enjoyed my time here. When Covid-19 prevented by plans to move to France end of last year, and after turning down a number of agency offers, I decided to forge my path into RPO with Resource Solutions. It’s meant making moving away from agency recruitment and being embedded into one single client but at a deeper level of engagement . Working with the HR team, and hiring managers closely gives the opportunity to deepen and strengthen relationship, also it’s an opportunity for me to understand how an international bank is organised and structured which I find more value adding at this stage of my career.

How do you find the culture at Resource Solutions?

The culture within Resource Solutions is collaborative and you get full support from the management. I appreciate the transparent, open communication, and the genuine feedback that meant for improvement at large. We have existing infrastructure here that sets you up for success. We have recruitment coordination and administration support from regional service centre teams, and this gives us time to focus on the important work of mapping talents and stakeholder engagement.

What advice do you have for someone considering the move from an agency into RPO?

My advice to those considering a move into RPO, keep the high energy level, and be open-minded always. It is fast-paced, and you need to be nimble. Be flexible and be open to continual learning, also, being pro-active would bring you far.

What is next for you?

As we have offices around the world, I would like to work towards an internal move with Resource Solutions down the track to get a more international exposure.

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