End-to-end recruiter to sourcing specialist

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  18 February 2022

Shikha is a Sourcing Specialist who joined our Hyderabad team six months ago. Already working with several established clients, Shikha shares her excitement and journey of growth with Resource Solutions to date.

What is a typical day like at Resource Solutions? 

My morning starts with me confirming candidate interviews that are scheduled for that day and completing outstanding formalities from the previous day. We have a team meeting to confirm our sourcing focus and then I might then have client meetings with the hiring managers to understand upcoming job vacancies, or to talk them through candidate profiles. It is a productive, supportive environment to operate in and I am always learning something new.

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions?  

I joined from an Information Services company. There, I was focused on end-to-end recruitment which is a little different from the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model that Resource Solutions provides. The transition has been very smooth. Nikhil, my Account Director, has been key to making it so, ensuring a speedy transition into RPO.

What are the main challenges in your role? 

One key challenge with this new role is having to learn about the requirements for niche roles.  – as a Recruiter, I need to fully understand what the Hiring Managers are looking for to effectively identify relevant candidate profiles. However, my managers have been incredibly supportive – all employees here get the support they need, and more. I have learned a huge amount, in a relatively short period of time.

How do you find the benefits & working conditions at Resource Solutions? 
One benefit that really stood out to me was Resource Solutions’ vaccination drive for all our employees here in India. We were all offered double shots, and two days of annual leave to aid our recovery afterward. Given the pandemic, this drive was especially important to us.

Aside from this, all the tools we need for work are accounted for – expenses for our work-from-home arrangement, including phone and Internet bills, are paid for as well.

Resource Solutions has also been very receptive to our individual working needs as well. Due to personal reasons, I requested for an extended work-from-home period, a flexible work arrangement, that Resource Solutions has been more than happy to support.

What about the culture at Resource Solutions in Hyderabad, India? 

It has been an amazing experience throughout my time here. Everyone's always ready and happy to help, and my managers are always on hand to keep us challenged and comfortable at the same time. I particularly enjoy the free culture here that Resource Solutions supports - if we have a different viewpoint, that freedom to express ourselves lets us put our opinions on the table.

Team members are not only supported but also properly recognized.  I received a Shining Star Award, one of several achievement schemes available at Resource Solutions in India, which gave me confidence that my efforts were paying off, and I was progressing well in my role as a Sourcing Specialist.

What is next for you at Resource Solutions?

I am looking forward to stepping into some new projects upon my move back into the Hyderabad GSC (Global Service Centres). As I work through these new projects, I will continue to develop my skills and eventually look to move up the ranks in the recruitment function.

If someone were thinking about joining Resource Solutions, how would you describe the company and your experience? 

I would say that Resource Solutions is one of the best places to work here in India. It is a people-driven organization that remains goal-oriented, allowing each of us to maximize our potential. You will get the chance to meet some amazing people, and work with and learn from them as you embark on your next career step.

Add the free mindset where all opinions are encouraged as part of a culture of open communication, and well-established clients for exposure and experience, and you will enjoy a fulfilling career journey at Resource Solutions. 

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