Arianna Bautista: Commercial Analyst Intern, Class of 2022

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  26 January 2023

In the summer of 2022, fresh off the back of an immensely successful internship campaign, our Singapore headquarters expanded our programme, searching for up-and-coming talent to share in our APAC growth journey. Three chosen ones answered the call – six months later, they've left an indelible impact on our Sales and Commercial business partner functions, shared their perspectives on several other aspects of the business, and even got to try out recruitment!

In the first of a three-part feature, we caught up with Arianna Bautista, our Commercial Analyst Intern. Strap in as they recount their life and times at Resource Solutions, all while juggling their MBA programmes and enjoying Singapore's nuance and diversity.

Thank you for sharing this internship journey with us! To start off, could you tell us about your role and some key projects you were involved in during your time here?

As a Commercial Analyst Intern, my time was split across commercial requests for new deals and the company's strategic projects.

For the first item, I delivered financial models and pricing for new business opportunities in key APAC markets, mainly focused on clients from the Philippines and India. This called for close working relationships with the Sales Team to ensure that proposals were financially viable, had sufficient risk protection, but still looked attractive to clients. For the second item, I played both the role of a Strategy Consultant doing in-depth research on new markets for possible expansion and a Data Analyst finding opportunities for more efficiency in team processes.

Both of these experiences allowed me to work directly with other functional roles and sharpen my detail orientation and communication skills. I was also pleasantly surprised at the opportunities to drive decision-making as I worked and gained visibility with both regional and global leadership teams.

What did you like about your internship with us?

To fully support this experience, Resource Solutions provided full onboarding, training, and support so we could get wholly involved in full-time work. Coming from a different industry with little prior knowledge of RPO, I really appreciated having a detailed introduction to the industry, along with the various functions needed to bring this value to clients. Throughout the internship, my manager Issac and colleague Sammy were conscious of my workload as an MBA student and worked around this to provide an engaging, empowering intern experience. What is most amazing is seeing the impact of your work right away, seeing your efforts take a project end to end, from the proposal to client approval to live implementation.

Were there any new challenges you encountered here, and how did you overcome them?

Personally, I found managing ambiguity to be my biggest challenge. Resource Solutions gave us a lot of creative freedom when tackling strategic projects, but on the flip side, this meant having to structure our own approach and timelines. You learn to initiate frequent check-ins with stakeholders, both to check if your work is going in the right direction and if it addresses the right problems. In the end, however, it does give you a greater sense of pride and ownership over the end result.

How is the culture here at Resource Solutions?

Because of how lean the team is, everyone works closely together on day-to-day tasks, engagements, and projects and finds effective and efficient ways of working together. In addition, I've felt a strong desire from senior leaders to get involved in various aspects of the business while still making time to cater to any questions and ideas I've had despite my intern status.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue an internship at Resource Solutions?

Be ready to adapt constantly. Resource Solutions' internship programme goes beyond what you expect - an evolving workload that focuses on delivering for our clients, a flexible schedule to align with different time zones, and taking part in projects outside your usual scope - but it also rewards you through professional growth and the real impact you make.

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