Anamika Gupta: Growing in an inclusive, equitable work environment

Written by Perry Teo  •  Employee Stories  •  03 May 2023

Anamika Gupta is a Resourcing Partner at Resource Solutions. Based in Hyderabad, her role places her in the driving seat, which has helped her to refine her skills while balancing client and candidate stakeholders with poise. She’s flourishing in her role but admits that things could be very different if certain values were not in place - a diverse, inclusive and gender-equal workplace, a product of what Resource Solutions strives to build regardless of geography.

Read on as she speaks with us about the company's efforts to support female employees, how growth opportunities are fostered equitably across the board, and the importance of maintaining a safe working environment.

What is your role, and what does a typical day look like at Resource Solutions?

As a Resourcing Partner at Resource Solutions, my days are split down the middle between our client partners and potential hires – think tasks like candidate relationships and reviews, solutioning and executing plans for effective talent acquisition for our clients, and more. It’s a natural fit in my opinion – I’m passionate about connecting and guiding candidates with my expertise, ensuring their skills and needs match the jobs and benefits available. A good fit benefits both the candidate and client!

What did you do prior to working at Resource Solutions?

Before joining Resource Solutions, I worked as a Resourcing Lead for a software firm where I handled end-to-end recruitment needs. Being in such a diverse role allowed me to see the entire recruitment process, and being able to zoom out allows me to efficiently bring value to our clients in the best way possible, which happens to be one of our key goals here in Resource Solutions!

What are the main challenges in your role?

One of the key challenges is identifying candidates with genuine interest – we’re seeing an increase in applicants, but their actual interest varies, which could compromise hire quality. I also face obstacles working with limited candidate information, verifying them to prevent fraudulent cases – for example, we recently had a profile with “15 years of relevant experience”, but the person who showed up for the interview was someone else altogether!

Zooming out further, my main challenge would be to decrease the skill gaps that plague every industry today. With plenty of companies hiring and talent in short supply, it’s an increasingly tough ask, but I enjoy making it work for our clients.

Have you faced any gender-related obstacles during your career, and how has that impacted you?

At Resource Solutions, I never encountered any gender-based hindrances, as the company prioritises achieving gender balance. This is done through a range of measures, including sensitisation programmes to create a safe work environment, deliberate efforts to hire women employees in pursuit of gender equality, benefits to support women's work focus, the introduction of new roles to offer better job opportunities for women, and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace.

I believe that empowering women is an essential tool for workforce retention that organisations should recognise, and I’m glad that Resource Solutions signals their agreement through action!

What is the culture like at Resource Solutions, and how has it empowered you from both a career and personal perspective?

The workplace culture here is open, collaborative, and empowering, with a strong focus on learning and development. I have attended quite a few training sessions that have enhanced my capabilities, including stakeholder management, better communication and self-branding. We’re encouraged to reach out to the management if we have any difficulties, who have proven to be people-first in their approach.

One key factor that I’m grateful for is Resource Solutions’ zero-tolerance policy for anything that could be construed as misbehaviour or harassment towards female employees. In a safe place, the focus can be placed on good work and career progression, which is further made possible by the management’s desire to acknowledge and value everyone’s contributions equitably.

What advice would you give to a female employee looking to join Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions consistently shows appreciation for the unique efforts and accomplishments of female employees. It’s apparent from our leadership makeup - Rajani, my manager, has been a role model, and witnessing her care of her teams while juggling personal responsibilities is very encouraging.

Add Resource Solutions' focus on diversity and inclusion, along with enforced efforts to make it a safe, fair space for all – it’s a great place to learn and build a career. 

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