Diversity and Inclusion at Resource Solutions

We are proud to be on a continuous journey with our clients, candidates, corporate partners and employees to perpetuate a more diverse vision for the future. We believe that a diverse workforce not only allows us to benefit from a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives, but also ensures we realise our potential globally. We believe in equality of opportunity for all applicants and employees and our approach is supported by our Equality Opportunities and Diversity Policy.

The business case for inclusion
Suki Sandhu, Founder & CEO of OUTstanding shares his 3 reasons why it's important to cultivate an inclusive workplace.

Gender diversity and leadership
We explore the effectiveness of current retention strategies to empower and advance female leadership in the workplace.

How effective are diversity quotas? 
Our Head of People, Indy Lachhar dives into gender diversity hiring quotas, inspirational leadership and how to create a mind-set change in an organisation.

We also have a number of strategic partnerships and working relationships with organisations to support our own and our clients’ diversity policies and attraction strategies:

The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI) is the UK's leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace. In addition to supporting employers, their role is to influence Government, business and trade unions, campaigning for real practical change. Their six strategic themes are: access to opportunities, agile working, the global marketplace, inclusive leadership, workforce representation and unconscious bias.

Equal Approach is a leading inclusive recruiter and diversity consultancy in the UK that has helped many organisations to increase their profitability, improve success in bidding and tendering, gain competitive advantage and embrace the value of diversity. This partnership enables our clients to maximise the benefits from the recruitment, promotion and retention of diverse talent.

OUTstanding is a not for profit professional network for LGBT+ executives and their allies. Harnessing the talent of all executives and allowing them to be themselves is hugely powerful for companies, the economy and our society, and more importantly for the individuals themselves.

The Clear Assured process is an online programme established by the The Clear Company to identify and remove the barriers that may exclude people with disabilities. Resource Solutions conducts a self-assessment which is then tested using a candidate feedback service, to provide evidence of the experiences of disabled people going through our recruitment processes.