Resource Solutions UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

man and woman looking at charts

As a global provider of outsourced recruitment services, Resource Solutions is by its very nature a people-focused business. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity, equality and opportunity for all.

We feel strongly that the requirement to publish data on gender pay gaps is a big step forward in encouraging greater transparency and positive actions to address differences in pay for men and women in the UK.

In our report you can see the difference between the pay and bonuses awarded to men and women at Resource Solutions. These are divided into mean (the average gap) and median (the middle of the pay scale). A negative number shows where the pay or bonus is greater for females than for males.

Download our Gender Pay Gap Report 

Our report also outlines our gender pay mix at different levels of our business, explains clearly what the data means, and outlines our plan for the future.

If you have any questions about our report, please contact:

Kirsty Adams, Global HR Director, Resource Solutions 


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