People, prestige and impact

Karolin Williams, Process Optimisation Manager at Resource Solutions

Tess Eyles is a Client Services Director for one of our largest international banking clients. She joined Resource Solutions 8 years ago, worked across 6 key clients in the technology, financial services and fashion sectors, and now leads a team of 55 employees.

An industry veteran with 30 years as a recruiter, we asked Tess to share her thoughts on the demands and rewards of working, mentoring and leading peers for a client that boasts a rapidly expanding international footbprint.

What's the most enjoyable aspect of working in such close partnership with a prestigious client?

Listed on the London, Hong Kong and Bombay National Stock Exchanges with 86,000 employees, a presence in 60 markets and customers across 150 countries - I take great pride in leading a team across our global service centres to deliver talent supporting out client's huge growth.

The best part of my role is that no day is ever the same. Not only am I only juggling meetings, analytics, continuous service improvement and managing and motivating my team - I'm also travelling extensively across Asia to meet stakeholders in many different markets. It's all very interesting, personally challenging and incredibly rewarding.

What is it like working with international peers and stakeholders?

People are people. Regardless of geography and cultural nuances - which, of course, have to be respected - all our clients demand exemplary and faultless service to their hiring community and candidates. Common business practices differ across markets, so it's vital to be culturally aware, be curious about how a region does business, and be active in applying your problem solving skills.

From a diary perspective - the biggest learning I have had is around time management, work-life balance discipline, and adapting to 'front loading' my day. With colleagues and clients in varying time zones across Asia, I have to have many 'early starts' that need to be balanced with earlier finishes to avoid fatigue!

Working with such a large client must be challenging! How do you navigate such a complex organisation?

Massive deliveries of projects are great opportunities for us to demonstrate our value to our clients - I don't see challenges as hurdles, but as prospects to learn and better from.

I believe it's vital to celebrate every success, thank everyone for their input, and also have strong governance on delivery of key aims and outputs. Internal collaboration is a key part of delivering projects for our clients, and there are plenty of opportunities to watch and learn from our internal subject matter experts.

Ultimately, I'm highly motivated by delivering on time - but also delivering complex judgments and critical thoughts as part of the project cycle. By supporting our clients' aims, I'm often reminded of what Resource Solutions is all about and why it was so attractive to join the team: great people, great clients, working hard and finding time to have fun!

How has Resource Solutions empowered you to pursue your goals?

The joy of working for Resource Solutions has come in many forms - the opportunity to switch to new accounts, work across various disciplines and geographies, and the chance to learn new things with so many different people. From mentoring team members and helping them develop their careers to managing clients and delivering on our clients' people agenda - my job brings high levels of satisfaction.

I initially joined Resource Solutions for the opportunity to work with people - and today that's still my job - which is why I'm thankful that this role allows me to contribute as an individual and as a leader.

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